We match with buyers our customers who prefer discretion and do not want to publish their properties in the traditional media. This unofficial mediation takes place completely outside the internet and the properties are not published on our website but completely in secret. Description of the properties takes place via digital links and through traditionally printed descriptions. Our business concept is based on long-term customer relationships with both property owners and speculators looking for properties. Our relationship with you, our client, is fundamental to find the right property for you. Your personal information is handled with total confidentiality.

Off-market sales are especially attractive for Sweden’s more affluent people who do not wish to publish their assets to be sold. Our business concept is based on high price expectations on longer time-frames. In comparison with the ownership of commercial properties, owners of private homes have only the media and the housing market to refer to. In the commercial sector, there is a clear return requirement annually and a high expectation of return in the event of a possible sale. The price of private properties in areas such as Djursholm, Stocksund, Lidingö, Nacka and others increases sharply annually on average over a ten-year period.
This means that the return is doubled over ten years and has been so since the early 20th century. The majority of doctoral dissertations show an increase of 6% annually since the early 19th century and this constitutes a strong incentive for what it means to own, acquire and improve private properties.

We limit the number of properties we mediate in order to offer our customers high efficiency. The speculators who are looking for real estate through us both get access to our off-market properties, but we also proactively reach out for deals. Some of our customers use our service, which means that we contact a specific property owner and present him an offer in advance. This type of sale then only takes place through negotiation between the owner and the speculator.

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