Sell your Property

Bremberg International Estate is one of the absolute leading estate agencies in Stockholm. We have quickly taken large market shares in Stockholm and the surrounding area, our focus has been centered on Djursholm, Danderyd and Östermalm, but we sell throughout Sweden. We also have offices in Marbella and work synergistically to help our customers find the right home. Our business concept is based on smaller volumes of housing but very exclusive floors and properties at high prices. We are a personal small team that works together in all deals and succeeds in selling at the absolute highest prices. Our personal commitment and long-term perspective give you as a seller the absolute best payment in most periods, depending on when you choose to sell your home.

Do you want to sell your home for the highest possible price?

Vill du få tillgång till våra fastigheter underhand?

Vi har specialiserat oss på att förmedla fastigheter underhand i Stockholm, helt utanför den publika marknaden.