One of our business areas is to actively seek out for properties for speculators according to specific preferences. With this service that includes a discreet off-market sale for both buyer and seller. When we take on a brokerage assignment that we either publish or sell off-market, we always first send out the property to our speculator database. Our experience of this type of sales / brokerage provides high final prices and simplifies the process for salespeople.

If you want us to actively look for a property for you, we will contact specific desired addresses. This active service, which is a continuous process in our daily work, is free of charge until we find the exact property that you wish to acquire. We have daily contact with our customers who we both mediate and find items for. If you have a desire for a quick retrieval service of real estate, we can of course increase the pace for a fixed fee and let our employees put more focus on you as a customer.